21 Contemporary Comedy Monologues for Men

21 Contemporary Comedy Monologues for Men offers comedic, zany, slapstick, situational type comedy, satire and farce monologues for male actors.

21 Contemporary Comedy Monologues for Men

THERE HE IS – Pete shares a monologue about how absolutely annoying his co-worker Andrew has become.

NUTTER – Pop pulls his wife aside to tell her that he believes their daughter’s boyfriend is insane.

CAN I USE YOUR TOILET? – Ernie dives into a restaurant desperate to use the toilet.

SIDE EFFECTS – Dr. Osvald has come to the rescue with the ultimate pill that cures every illness known to man.

UPON MY RETURN – Sir Walter Walter needs to get permission from his Lord to go to Burger King.

YO – Kirby gets ticked off when you call him yo.

AVERAGE [email protected]#HOLE – An owner of a manufacturing company tears into a worker before he fires him.

THE LAST M&M SAMURAI – Dan never eats the last peanut in his m&m bag.

THE SHOULDER TEST – AURY talks to his friend about how he knows if a girl will be fat when she gets older.

MEDIUM – this guy acts like he is way taller than what he actually is in reality.

SACK AND CRACK – poor Bruce is in a bind…literally.

SOAP AND WATER – Spence is yet again disappointed with his slob of a friend.

GET PUMPED – Doug tries to help his buddy out at the gym.

HOWTA BE A GANGSTA – Vic is an old school gangster trying to build a following on his YouTube channel.

BIRD IN MY ASS – wouldn’t you know it…a tiny bird performs a nose dive into a guy’s ass.

CRASH CAB – Ahmed is at the end of his rope and flips on anyone who enters his cab.

PISS POWER – A a middle-aged man talks about the revenge he seeks on a group of young men.

HOW’S YOUR DAY GOING – Danny Boy talks to his pet rock.

A HIGHER LEVEL OF TALK – this guy thinks he isn’t smart enough to date educated women.

DAVEY BOY IS BACK IN ACTION – Davey boy tries to pump up his chest and show he’s a manly lion in front of his friend.

FRONT ROW SEATS – Joe is lactose intolerant and is sitting at the theatre when the show is about to start.


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