25 Noteworthy Actor Monologues for Auditions

Here’s 25 Noteworthy Actor Monologues for Auditions (comedy/drama) a divided selection of monologue content for both women and men.

Topics include attraction, self-esteem, talent, spiritualism, authority, infomercials and surprises.

25 Noteworthy Actor Monologues for Auditions

For Women

  1. Protective Shield  (comedy) Rita shares her personal challenges of being capable of trusting friendships.
  2. Surprise Visit (drama) Janell talks one on one with her best friend about her low self-esteem issues.
  3. Ready, Aim, AIM!  (comedy) Rose is annoyed over how messy her boyfriend is each time he uses the bathroom.
  4. Painting Mona Lisa (drama) Tracy is on her A game when it comes to telling her friend how she is prettier than she believes herself to be.
  5. Mercy Look (comedy) Connie is excited to show off her new clothes to her boyfriend from her recent visit to the mall.
  6. Missing Pieces (drama) Lana shares with her friend some of the schemes she plays on her man in order to maintain a loyal relationship.
  7. Popping Balloons (comedy) Rana talks about the difficulty she had with her son and his friends while setting up a birthday party.
  8. Behind My Back (drama) Sandra lets her father know that she mistrusts him.
  9. Pou’der (comedy) Francine is upset with her son because he misplaced her recently pulled tooth.
  10. Top It Off – (drama) Kelly tells her sister that she is tired of the head games she plays within their family circle.
  11. Flicker (comedy) Willa catches sight of her boyfriend picking his nose and flicking it across the room.
  12. Too Much Water Under The Bridge (drama) Abelia confronts a family member and lets them know that there will be no more make ups.

For Men

  1. Not Until You Came Around  (drama) Jazz shares with his woman how he first fell in love with her and knew it was something special.
  2. The Shoulder Test (comedy) Aury shares his apparent wisdom to his friend about how he knows how to detect if a woman will become overweight when they get older.
  3. When Bumping Into An Old Flame  (drama) Arta talks to his dog about the fact that he ran into his old girlfriend and how he did his best to mask the fact that he isn’t successful.
  4. Gone, Gone Burdie (comedy) Ronald is a late night infomercial salesman and provides information on his latest product that is sure to make him rich.
  5. Let Them Have It  (drama) Jerome talks to his brother about easing up on his parental control so that his kids can live their dreams like adults.
  6. Superman Made Me Sore (comedy) Just another day for Tyler taking a beating to his private region while babysitting his nephew disguised as Superman.
  7. Henry and The Wizard  (drama) Henry does his best to convince his wife that he isn’t as special as she thinks he is.
  8. Free As A Bird (comedy) Chris tells his friend about how he was caught dancing naked in front of strangers.
  9. Other People’s Minds (drama) Greggie pulls a co-worker aside and explains to him how he needs to be more of a team player.
  10. He Knew, I Knew (drama) Habart recounts a sad tale of how he championed his father’s beloved radio away from him, despite the physical abuse he endured.
  11. A Big Show-Off (drama) Will tells the story to his son of how he first met his mother.
  12. Crashing Down (drama) Moe is stress out because he can’t find any reasonable amount of work in a deranged economy.

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