25 Powerful Scenes for Creators

25 original scenes and scripts for actors, filmmakers, content creators to work from for videos, films, demo reels, auditions and drama class.

  1. Sun Tzu of Self-Sabotage – BIFF and SHANDA are two best friends talking about how pathetic and miserable their human existence actually is. This is serio-comedy material for 1 man and 1 woman.
  2. All Night Giggles – A beautiful woman walks by Chris and leaves the apartment.  Chris stares at his friend Martin who smiles.
  3. Chitter Chatter – TIM and JIM are at a black tie affair in a penthouse in New York City.  They chat.
  4. Sounds Like Elephant – This scene has the context of a 1940’s Hollywood crime film, combined with only a touch of a more modern dialogue.
  5. Last Wednesday – LINDA and MARVIN are at their computers in the office.  Another glorious day of work.
  6. Firmly, Deeply Rooted – CHIMER and FIROE talk on a New York City subway platform.
  7. You Almost Ready?When you discover certain facts within your active relationship.
  8. Fair Play – Conference Room.  Night.  
  9. Greatest Act of Kindness – In this period drama scene, COUNT DIRAFF plans on putting a stop to the budding romance between SANDRA and Sir TALBOLT.
  10. None of Us – BIMSEY and JAMAH talk mysteries of life.
  11. Chick Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings – Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings is about two teens who are the best of friends doing their best to cope with one another’s family issues. 
  12. Alderona – ALDERONA and KLUDO are brother and sister who have special secret powers that are meant to protect and save people’s lives.
  13. Third Stage of Sean – In this short dramatic scene for two people, MALLORY talks with her boyfriend SEAN about not stressing over his loved ones as much.
  14. Condition – In this short drama scene, COLE talks with her mother SARAH in the kitchen about some family issues.
  15. Stare Down – This is a short scripted scene for two teenagers in High School.  The action takes place in a hallway right after the classroom bell sounds.  
  16. Candy – Father and Son have a discussion about son getting caught being a drug dealer by the police from what was found in his car.
  17. Subject MatterA short scene between 1 man and 1 woman.
  18. Death Was The Only Option – This is a comedic skit for two people. One male and one female. 
  19. Sad FaceA scene between a man and woman.
  20. Entirely, As Well – The flip flops of love and hate in a relationship.
  21. Blue Rock – In this teen scene, MAGGIE PIE is daydreaming when HECTOR joins her and his older brother WILLIS comes to get him. 
  22. Red Tuxedo – An upscale party in a New York City penthouse.  Mr. Berguer is hosting the event and has asked Mr. Sanders to enter his meeting quarters to negotiate a deal.
  23. Common Practice – MARLA instructs JANE on how to keep her man within her control so that they may have a long lasting marriage.
  24. Cave of Da Vinci – Two BURGLARS enter an apartment.  A man named FREDDY FERRARA is sitting down with a cup of coffee and a gun resting on a nightstand.
  25. Maple Road – This is a short dramatic scene between a father and a son.  JIM enters the barn where his son MARSHALL has been punching the wooden walls with white straps around his knuckles.
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