27 One-Act Plays for Actors

A series of 27 free stage monologues taken from short one-act plays published for actors, creators, directors and teachers.  Script duration runs anywhere from 5-10 minutes long and covers both drama/comedy pieces.  Age range is from teens, young adults and adults.

27 One-Act Plays for Actors

ACTING DIFFERENT – Robert has been treating his girlfriend like crap and in this one-act play, his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum.

ANGEL PRAYERS – Milani is in conflict as to whether or not she really has an angel looking out for her.  A friend from school may have the answer she’s been looking for.

A SENSE OF BELONGING – a student who doesn’t fit in and desperately tries to figure a way to do so.

ATTENTION – Michelle is sick and tired of her pain in the ass sister always trying to create arguments within her family.

BUBBLE WORLD – two female cousins are slowly starting to go different ways in life but this one-act play explores the possibility of how they may be able to overcome their differences.

BURDEN OF BEING TAKEN – Baker comes back home from the war completely mental and lives with his family who also happens to appear perfect on the outside.

COFFEE TABLE – Melanie has been tossed in a psycho ward and has trouble deciphering between what is real and what isn’t.

I CAN’T WIN – a mother refuses to accept her daughter’s boyfriend and talks to her husband about what proper steps they can take to manage the situation.

INTO THE COLD NIGHT AIR WITH YOU – Linda gets confirmation that her man is having an affair and finds comfort from her taxi driver.

JUST A CRACK – Rayla and her boyfriend Darren might face the music and call it quits on their relationship but there happens to be a surprise in store for both of them.

JUST SO YOU KNOW – two teen sisters are arguing but may be mature enough to come together and work out their issues.

KILLING YOU – a serial killer has second thoughts with regards to his latest victim because there is a spiritual concern that makes him hesitate.

MIND TRICK – disturbing thoughts keep this character in conflict with themselves.

27 One-Act Plays for Actors

NO COMPARISON – Cordelia is attracted to women but that does not stop men from approaching her.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse has a lot of issues and has been taking them out on his girlfriend and in this one-act play it blows up in his face.

POTATO HEAD – Ronda does her best to get her cousin to go out with her and her friends.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita talks to her friend about how she struggles with not being able to trust people anymore.

PHONE CALLS – Meagan talks to her best friend about why men must always seem to play head games after they first meet you.

RATHER BE A MAN – a woman is fed up with catchphrases from men and expresses how she feels about it.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi opens up to her favorite Aunt about the dark issues she’s been coping with when it comes to a guy she thinks she loves.

SLY STATEMENTS – Melanie sticks up for herself and sets the record straight with her boyfriend treating her less than she deserves.

SMILE PRETTY, ALICE – Anita tells her neighbor that she knows of the affair she’s been having.

SPIRIT FORWARD – Dasana wants to see her boyfriend continue on with his chosen career, despite the fact that he’s giving up.

THE BEAR – Tiffany begins to find her true path with the help of her mentor.

TWO SHADES AWAY – this is a one-act play when two best friends come together and discuss what matters most to them in their life when it comes to the pursuit of dreams.

TYPICAL TEEN – Shadira is in dire straits and attempts comfort from her mother whom she isn’t sure will be truly there for her situation.

UNDERWHELM – Wilma works in the mailroom and is absolutely bored stiff.  Her co-worker offers up the most unusual and strange solution.

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