29 Popular Performance Monologues for Actors

29 performance monologues for actors/creators/filmmakers to use for school/video/audition projects.  Comedy/Drama monologues for teens/adults, 1-2 min long.

29 Popular Performance Monologues for Actors

  1. Inside – Van talks about how he views the world within a different context.
  2. Second Look – a woman has been feeling like she is aging and talks to her friend about her problem.
  3. Take Over The World – Connor argues with his father over how he does not want to learn a trade but instead would much rather pursue his athletic dreams.
  4. Sly Statements – Melanie talks to her boyfriend about how he has a tendency to make her feel less special.
  5. The Kid That Stares At Food – a father makes a deal with his son so that he will eat the rest of his dinner.
  6. Moment – a person states how they do what they do for the good of humanity.
  7. End of Discussion – Saul lays down the law to his daughter over the fact that he does not want her dating a young man she recently introduced him to.
  8. Hold On To Your Vision – George talks to his son about how he wants him to stay grounded and focused on what he cherishes most in life.
  9. Typical Teen – Shadira reaches out to her mother about how she needs more support and love.
  10. The Board Has Taken Vote – Milton has a board meeting in order to oust Wilfred, a company man who has many too many blunders.
  11. Veil – Valerie talks about her hidden temper and what she does to control it from manifesting against family.
  12. Working Man – Harrison talks to the townsfolk about not giving into the businessmen over taking their precious land.
  13. False Make Out – Cassandra got drunk at a party the previous night and ends up regretting kissing one of her friends.
  14. The Dark Horse of Passivity – a convicted murderer recounts the dark tale of how he killed one of his victims.
  15. Step Down – Ashton does his best to convince his best friend to not commit suicide.
  16. Job Interview – M has had enough going on job interview after job interview until finally snapping during one.
  17. Apologize School – Roy talks to his girlfriend about how she needs to fess up and admit when she’s wrong.
  18. Be A Ferrari – Uncle Chuck teases his eight year old nephew.
  19. Mr. Innocent – This is Rosalie’s last ditched effort to wake her husband up from ultimately losing her for good.
  20. What Do You Do? – Pickle gives his fed up response to a stranger who asks him what exactly he does for a living.
  21. Big Bad Wolf – this monologues explores the concept of bullying and picking on someone your own size.
  22. Crazy Glue – a woman accidentally glue’s her hand to her cheek and calls her friend for help.
  23. Shower Hog – Barbara is sick and tired of waiting for her prima donna boyfriend who take forever in the shower.
  24. Walk Me To The Door – Samantha talks to her butler how the love she never received from her dying mother.
  25. On Edge – Roxy talks about how each and every relationship with a man that she has ever had always slowly disintegrates into emptiness.
  26. Sometimes – Alec discusses with his therapist how he wishes he was a nicer person.
  27. Normal Me, Psychotic You – Petra talks to her Aunt about how she wishes she was there for her more in life, instead of putting on a false pretense.
  28. Crash Cab – a monologue sketch based on the tv show Cash Cab.
  29. Average Sized House Party – a psychic gives the terrible fortune to a person.

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