3-5 Minute Monologues for Females

There are times when your agent/manager will inform you that a casting director or producer in theatre or film wants to see longer monologue material in the 3-5 minute range.  MB has some choices for you to consider using for such auditions and casting calls.

3-5 Minute Monologues for Females

DISTANCE MYSELF – Sandra has made the decision to remove a friend from her life.

THE BACK ROOM – Theresa has a growing attraction to the new company intern, despite the damage it can cause in her life.

KNOW WHO YOU ARE – this is a monologue piece that focuses on the idea of self sacrifice for the common good and well being of others.

SURFACE OF THE LEDGE – this is a monologue that has a narrative feel to it as shares a story about a near death experience.

TODAY IS NOT FOREVER – a grandmother encourages her granddaughter to pursue the things in life that make her most happy.

CRAPPY PANTS – a funny story about a date gone wrong.


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