30 Comedy/Drama Monologues for Classroom Study

Here’s 30 monologues for drama teacher lessons to use for students and Disney auditions.  Great for middle school and high school students for comedy/drama.

30 Monologues for Classroom Study

LIGHT, SOMEWHERE – Helena shares her personal dilemma with her dear friend about her needless passion of being an actress.

WE WILL CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE GET TO IT – Andy does his best to be a gentleman in telling the girl he’s ben dating that he doesn’t want anything serious.

AGAINST THE NEGATIVITY – Jesse comes from a bad neighborhood and has recently landed a really great opportunity as an intern for her dream job.  She talks to a co-worker about how hard it can be coming from her environment.

PARKING LOT – Ryan never asked Cindy out to the prom and she’s crushed.  While in the school parking lot she discusses it with her best friend, only to get a surprise.

NOT MAKING IT ANYMORE – Jack and his girlfriend of three years have had their ups and downs and Jack thinks it may be time to move on and remain good friends.

FORCE OF REASON – Franz is conflicted over his belief in God.

ONE THING – Brianna doesn’t like how guys treat her because they always seem to be after one thing and one thing only.

THE QUICKER I’M DONE, THE FASTER I RUN – Sid already knows what he wants to do in his life professionally but the only problem is he’s still in High School.  He talks things over with his Guidance Counselor.

AGREE TO DISAGREE – Harpa talks over a particular issue with he good friend about honesty and the value of how she sees a true friendship.

EVERY WHICH WAY – Susanna has arrived at the sad conclusion that she cannot be friends with her former best friend any longer.

DUMBER THAN YOU ARE – Sedra confronts her cousin over the fact that she plays head games with family by playing the helpless victim.

UNDER YOUR SPELL – Hendrick claims that a spell has been put on him which doesn’t allow him to date girls.

SWAG – Melanie is fed up with the teasing her brother gives her over how she dresses and acts.

FOG WORLD – Sabrina wants to see her brother be more assertive and snap out of the fog he always seems to be living in.

ONE STEP CLOSER – Natalie is a sports fanatic and an athlete, she just needs to prove herself to the rest of the team that she’s one of the boys.

IMPROVE YOUR WINGMAN SKILLS – Bodie talks to his friend about how he needs to get better at being a solid wingman.

TOO MUCH TOO SOON – Henrietta tells her boyfriend that he needs to chillax and stop being so overwhelming when they go out together.

GET OVER IT – Natalie keeps getting the blame over the fact that he best friend’s crush happens to like her instead.

IN YOUR WAY – Teddy tells his older brother that he doesn’t ever feel accepted by him and that he wishes they didn’t have hate between them at times.

RECENTLY COMMITTED – Sole opens up to her family over the pain she’s been feeling about how one of her friends has recently killed herself.

I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS – Lena has been getting shade from her friend and she finally confronts her about the distance it’s been causing in their relationship.

FALSE MAKE OUT – Cassandra and her friend made out at a house party the night before and although she has no recollection of the event, she does know that it was a mistake.

WALK BEFORE YOU RUN – Justin takes his younger brother aside and gives him some real talk about life when it comes to girls.

SEE ME – Alina’s dream is to be a working actress and in this monologue she talks about her consistent rejection.

BUBBLE WORLD – Jasmine gives her cousin a piece of her mind because they don’t hang out anymore.

POTATO HEAD – Ronda misses going out and chilling with her cousin who always seems to want to stay home and watch television.

I’VE NEVER WORN HIGH HEELS – there’s a first time for everything and this time around it’s wearing high heels!

NEVER BEEN KISSED – Kerry talks about how nervous she is in anticipation for maybe one day kissing the boy she likes at school.

TYPICAL TEEN – Shadira is an adult trapped in a young girl’s body.  She is most dedicated to her figure skating and studies but needs more emotional support from her mother and family in general.

A SENSE OF BELONGING – Beverly doesn’t have the easiest time getting along with the other kids at school.  Her social skills need work and in this monologue she talks about what’s she’s been going through.


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