30 Innovative Short Films To Inspire Your Filmmaking

Looking for innovative short films?  MB would like to share with you some truly wonderful short film stories.  Some are award winning short films,  student films, short films in comedy, drama and documentary.

They are all worth reading about and watching.  Enjoy!

  1. Stutterer – Stutterer is about a typographer with a speech impediment that prevents him from immersing in the real world. He hides in his online relationship, which was the connection he needed not only because he was lonely, but also because his speech impediment would never be known to his significant other.
  2. 97% – a short film by Ben Brand in which we are given an insight on how love searching happens to be different with today’s technology and an almost obsessive thing we worry about today.
  3. Curfew – Filmmaker Shawn Christensen explores the act of being needed, and the realistic perceptions and expectations humans face throughout their lives, in his triumphant and powerful Academy Award winning short, Curfew.
  4. Daisy Ridley Shows Early Talent in Blue Season – Prior to her big break, the woman who would become Rey, Daisy Ridley stars in short film science fiction thriller, Blue Season.
  5. Scavengers – It’s understood that films are viewed with our eyes and heard with our ears but Scavengers is proof that you can also implement taste and smell into film, even if the smells and taste are absolutely disgusting.
  6. Romantic Comedy and Super Nintendo Combine in RPG OKC – Using 16-bit graphics, RPG OKC tells an ordinary story of online romance set in an extraordinary world of fantastical adventure.
  7. Her Friend Adam – Ben Petrie’s short film, Her Friend Adam, exemplifies the single moment when a seemingly, and normally distressed relationship ultimately bends so far that it, and all involved – break.
  8. ‘The Present’ Takes the World by Storm with Adorable Charm – The Present is a beautiful and touching piece of animation that is a must-see for anyone who needs a pick-me-up or source of encouragement.
  9. ‘Two & Two’ Turns A Simple Math Equation Into A Powerful Statement – Two & Two is a brilliant short film that takes a look at indoctrination and the dangerous effects it can have on young minds.
  10. Danny DeVito Makes Eerily Accurate Political Commentary in ‘The Selling of Vince D’Angelo’ – A biting political satire, The Selling of Vince D’Angelo is witty, well-acted, and amazingly parallels the climate of Washington over two decades after its release.
  11. Last Letters A Memoir – A short film documentary, Last Letters is a memoir from the families of those lost in the Sewol Ferry tragedy in April 2014.
  12. ‘Nutcracker’ Explores the Normalized and Harmful Aspects of Young Adult Society – In an predominantly misogynistic society, one girl’s adulthood sits in the balance of desire and agony.
  13. West Bank Story Is Not Afraid to Laugh in the Face of Serious Issues – While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rages on, musical comedy West Bank Story gives a more optimistic look on the situation.
  14. ‘A Reasonable Request’ Short Film Review – A Reasonable Request was probably the most shocking and disturbing short film I have ever seen.
  15. How to Tell a Story of Political Imprisonment Using Bears – Bear Story is about an elderly boar who makes his living by operating a mechanical diorama on a street corner, which he shows to a young cub.
  16. ‘The Meaning of Life’ Shown Through Animation Depicts Humans Innocence – The Meaning of Life is an animated short film which was directed by Don Hertzfeldt in 2005.
  17. Thunder Road – The Sundance Film Festival awarded the Short Film Grand Jury Prize to Thunder Road, a film about an officer’s mourning for his mother’s death as he performs her favorite song, “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen.
  18. The Perseverance of Youth is Exemplified in Maya – This film centers around three youths from Nepal – Kancha (Aakash Malla), Bikram (Suraj Tamang), and the eponymous Maya (Ashmita Tamang) – who escape the clutches of a kidnapper who intended to sell them to the highest bidder.
  19. Bacon, God’s Wrath and the Decline of Religion – Discusses the effects faith can have on a person’s life and what it means to give up that faith, told in a unique and entertaining way. The subject of Bacon and God’s Wrath is Razie Brownstone, a ninety-year-old woman from Ontario who is about to eat bacon for the first time in her life.
  20. One Man’s Sense and Rationale are Bagged Up and Thrown Out in ‘Bin’ – A simple man’s sanity is put to the test with an outrageous, over the top obsession in Baker Terry’s Bin, an all to real look at fascination in modern society.
  21. Terrible Fate Is a Shining Example of a Fan Film Done Right – If you have ever been to or seen photos of Comic-Con, you would know that fans are deeply passionate. Many people have great enthusiasm for their favorite shows, films, video games, etc., and they are not afraid to show it.
  22. ‘Upstate Purgatory’ Reveals the Human Side of Criminals – Upstate Purgatory is a nineteen minute short film where viewers can get a look at life inside the Albany County Jail.
  23. The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere – The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere is an inspirational, 19-minute short documentary about a consistently losing racehorse named Haru Urara, who became a symbol of hope for people in Japan.
  24. ‘Actresses’ Short Film Review – Actresses is a short film about an aspiring, young actress who falls in love and starts a relationship with an off-broadway star.
  25. ‘The Emperor of Time’ Short Film Review – Edward Muybridge is known as the father of film and the emperor of time. Drew Christie shares Muybridge’s story through the narration of Hugh Ross in the short film, The Emperor of Time.
  26. The Hardest Part of Military Life Can Be Off The Battlefield In ‘Day One’ – The film focuses on Feda (Layla Alizada), an Afghan-American woman who is just starting out as a Dari translator for the army. On her first mission, she is sent with a combat unit to apprehend Jalal (Alain Washnevsky), a terrorist bomb-maker when his wife, Naheed (Alexia Pearl) starts giving birth, and has complications with the delivery.
  27. O Negative – Steven McCarthy’s O Negative interrupts dialogue driven structures to pursue interactional and essential based relationships through means of dependency and restraint.
  28. ‘Life’s A Bitch’ Comedic Short Film – Life’s a Bitch is just six minutes long, and chronicles a man named Phil during his hardship following a breakup. Phil is played by writer of the script, Guillaume Lambert, and as his character speaks very little dialogue in the film, most of the story is told visually through Phil’s actions.
  29. ‘Boniato’ Exposes Real Life Terror of  Immigration Through Extreme Horror – Dishonest treatment of migrant workers and psychological horror blend together in Boniato, a short film used to create a glimpse into the real world terror that lies just below the surface.
  30. Napoleon In Exile – a short film directed by Michael Lukk Litwak shows the kinds of problems that come with parenting someone with a disability. Its tone is equal parts tragic and emotional, resulting in a scarily realistic representation of a family affected by autism.
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