4 Monologue Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Making monologue mistakes is actually something that can serve you well.

We are raised in a culture where making mistakes is looked down upon.   However, making mistakes can also be great way to learn.

The focus of this article is to help you avoid some pitfalls when it comes to your monologue.

Below you will find 4 monologue mistakes you will want to be aware of to help you have an extra edge in the audition room.

Monologue Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

1.KNOW YOUR LINES.  Really drill your monologue until you are confident about being completely off-book.  Here are 3 Tips in Memorizing Your Monologue that will give you some exercises and monologue techniques that you can use to get those lines in your head.

When you don’t know your lines, you are not only doing yourself a great disservice but are also looking unprofessional in the eyes of casting directors and agents when auditioning.

2.LOSING THE FLAVOR.  What does this mean?  It simply means that if you have been working on your monologue ‘since forever’ and have done everything you can with it, it may have gone stale and tired and you need to find new monologue material.

It’s always best to start fresh with new material that turns you on to get those creative juices flowing again.

3.CHOOSING THE WRONG MONOLOGUE.  It happens.  Sometimes you think you found a dope monologue but in actuality it’s a rotten tomato.  You start learning the monologue and even get off book and something inside you is telling you it’s not right but you are too stubborn to listen because you’ve already put too much work into learning it or perhaps you don’t have enough time to learn a new one.

It’s important to trust your gut.

Something will always be amiss if you aren’t connecting to the material.  When that happens, there’s a strong chance you should find a better monologue to work on.

4.BEGINNING YOUR MONOLOGUE ON THE WRONG NOTE.  Sometimes you will be in an audition and start your monologue completely off key but are too afraid to start over because of the natural pressure of auditioning in front of industry professionals.

Listen, if you know you started off key, there is nothing wrong with stopping and stating that you “need to start over”.

NO ONE will criticize you for that and in fact, it shows you have a process and craft and it also keeps you out of your head from thinking, “I’ve already screwed up.”  Start again, refocus your attention on your task and go for it.

Remember, it’s okay to make monologue mistakes.  How else are you expected to grow in your work?  Always dust yourself off and start again because persistence is what matters.

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