4 Tips: Getting Creative and Being Authentic On Snapchat

Should actors use Snapchat?

Snapchat is simply another vehicle for you to express yourself creatively.  Not every social media app is going to work for you.  It is always worth testing things out.  The exciting thing about digital media is that there are always new opportunities popping up and Snapchat is worth venturing into.

Snapchat is another platform that can have significant impact on how you market yourself online.  

As mentioned before, not every platform will grab your attention.  Different platforms serve different audiences and have their own specific reach.

It is important to note that more and more entertainment studios are leveraging the strength of Snapchat to market new films.  There is a larger count of influencers popping up in Snapchat who are growing their own significant followings.  Comedians, magicians, dancers, actors are all getting in on the action and testing the waters for their own creative ideas.

Getting Creative and Being Authentic On Snapchat

The nature of the Snapchat app is all about authenticity. The spontaneous need to whip out your phone and record a snap to be added to your real time story is what grounds Snapchat and separates it from other ‘competing for attention’ apps.

It’s important to think past the common way people are thinking about the app as simply another ‘see me’ concept. As content creators you have to imagine what kind of content you can create that you can communicate to your audience in a storytelling manner. It’s all about telling and sharing stories. That’s the advantage you have as a content creator because you are already accustomed to sharing stories through paintings, photography, acting, writing, filmmaking and music.

It all comes down to looking into a platform and understanding it and figuring out ways you can use that platform to create your stories. When there are new tools, there is innovation. That’s exciting for creatives and forward thinkers.

Snapchat has been used as a way to share behind-the-scenes or more of a private look into the lives of brands and creators.

If you are in a music band for example, why not take snaps between sets at a venue? Snap before you go on stage, take us on your musical journey as an artist because that heightens the connection your followers will have with you. You can be in the recording studio and involving us throughout that creative process, bringing us further into your world of music.

The rawness of communicating on Snapchat is what makes it cool to connect to your audience because you avoid the gloss and communicate more genuinely.

The greatest thing about using Snapchat is that what you share is within your control. You have full power over your snaps, which means you build your own personal brand how you see fit, based on what you want your audience to be involved in but in an unpolished way.

Here’s how to add authenticity to your mix on Snapchat:


You don’t have to put on airs and try to be someone you’re not.  Many brands are realizing that it’s better to offer their customers more of an inside look into their world.  Companies are working with influencers to leverage the influencers audience to connect with their business brand because it brings about a more authentic feel.

You need to go about it in the same manner for yourself.  When you are adding videos to your story, be genuine.  People watching will know the posers from the true blues and being you is the realist thing you can give someone.


You don’t want to be boring.  It used to be all the rage when you could take a photo of your kitten ‘Whiskers’ trying to climb a staircase but today’s digital natives will give that 2 seconds of their time.

A good way to avoid be boring as all hell is to think about ways you can take us on a journey of some kind.  I’m not saying you have to become Jacques Cousteau but you should certainly consider ways of bringing a form of experience to the table for your ‘watchers’.

I mentioned earlier about the whole recording music session idea for musicians; think along those terms.  What do you do as a content creator that you can reveal, share, bring us along with that will be worth snapping?

#3 Q & A

Work at responding to your people.  Do your best not to be a one-sided snapper.  When your friends and followers reach out to you, do your best to reach back to them.  It’s not always easy, depending on your situation but it’s always a good rule of thumb to keep the conversation sincere in some way.

Perhaps offer some kind of question and answer type deal on Snapchat in order to generate a two way conversation with your followers.


Get creative.  In addition to getting the whole journey idea going for yourself, you may want to simply think outside the box.  There are some creatives making short films a little more sophisticated on Snapchat.  There’s free giveaway contests and other unique ideas taking place that you can play with.


As you can see, these are only a few ways for you to get creative on Snapchat but there are dozens more and as things evolve on the platform, there will be additional ways for you to try something new.

Those are 4 tips to being authentic on Snapchat.  At the end of the day, have fun, try things out and stick with what works if you’re into it.