5 Military Monologues

We’ve put together 5 military monologues for actors that may have an audition to play a military character in war or training.  These are all drama.

5 Military Monologues

ART OF BALANCE (drama) – Kanji is the highest level of combat fighting and trains a disciple on his beliefs from  short story he shares.

POPPER’S RED TOILET SEAT (drama) – Ricky shares a story of how one of his father’s close friends accidentally blew himself up while being on the toilet.

KOREAN WAR MEMORIES (drama) – Xavier talks about a specific event that took place while standing guard late one cold/dark night in the mountains.

AMBUSH THE ENEMY (drama) – Mr. Capoli recounts the reason why he decided not to become a priest.

PLEASE DON’T SEND ME (drama) – Henry begs his parents not to send him to military school.


FIGHTING IN IRAQ (drama) – Tom finally opens up to his friends about what it was like being in combat during Iraq.

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