5 Monologue/Script Voice Over Practice Readings

You can now listen to some of your favorite monologues and scripts being read out loud for voice over recordings.  You can also use our scripted scenes for your own voice over practice.

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You may also be interested in steering into commercial styled voice over acting.  For that we suggest you have a look at our 30 second commercial copy scripts post.  You will see a mix of humor and serious toned commercial voice over script material that you are free to use.

5 Monologue/Script Voice Over Practice Readings

Two Shades Away – Melanie is trying to come to terms with who she is and what her true calling is meant to be.

Dead Girl – REX sits on his couch, an emotional wreck. A ton of blow is on the table before him with a dead blond-haired woman laying face down in it. Keys heard jangling in a door. In walks BILLY.

Keep Ya Heads Turned – WOZ (a legendary badass gunslinger) lines up a crew of troublemaking men to warn them about bad behaving Mrs. Rutherford and her pie shop.  

Today Is The Day – In this short comedic scene, BARB and MARLO, a married couple of some two thousand plus years.

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