5 Monologues for All Ages

5 Monologues for All Ages shares a short group of monologues for men/women as well as additional material from plays and scripts.

In this post we offer 5 monologues for women and 5 for men.  Each running 1-2 minutes long for both comedy/drama.

Topics include obsession, jokes, bugs, society and identity, emergencies, success, urine and death.

5 Monologues for All Ages


  1. Friends With Nutjob – Jessica has a new friend but she keeps getting an eerie feeling due to an apparent obsession from that same friend.
  2. Misplaced – M is undergoing a deep sensation of not fitting in to society.
  3. Flycatcher – Anna shares the story of a silly joke her husband played on her while going out for dinner.
  4. Little Critters – Poor Sarah does battle with a bug while trying to stay calm at work.
  5. Video Game Obsession – Coleman talks about the problem she has with her husband regarding his constant video game playing.


  1. Lit But Not In The Red – Jerome has major success as a music artist and is not sure he can take on the fast paced, substance abuse life he has been living.
  2. Level Playing Field – Richard talks to his boss about how they are losing the battle against a major competitor to their business.
  3. Final Film Reel – J wants to see one more final flash of his human existence before he expires.
  4. The Dog Didn’t Pee In Your Sneaker – Pete takes a whizz in someone’s sneaker whom he does not like.
  5. Can I Use Your Toilet? – Ernie is about to bust a gut and as a final hope makes his way into a restaurant to use the toilet.

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