5 Roundhouse Kick Scripts for Creatives

Five short scripts that pack a gut punch within the scene.  All 5 are dramatic with 2, 3 and 4 characters that make up some scenes.  If you are looking for comedic scripts or other genre scripts, we invite you to thumb through our scripts section.

  1. Peak Heat Hour – A family struggling to stay together when something dark and sinister rises to the surface with a teenage daughter.
  2. Two or Three Days – One man’s brother becomes a ‘stay over’ obligation and he has to find a way to kick him out before his wife loses it.
  3. Five Year Break – An actress finds herself working with a director and actor who have a wildly different interpretation of the playscript they are rehearsing.
  4. Jonny’s HomeTwo young girls lose their even younger brother when they encounter a stranger.
  5. Catch A Piggy By Its Toes – Two criminal friends have a final deadly encounter when they are at odds over a business idea.
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