5 Short Comedic Monologues for Men

5 Short Comedic Monologues for Men is a slice of funny life.  Topics covered include con jobs, manning up, strange smells and intelligence at its finest.

5 Short Comedic Monologues for Men

  1. Something On The Stove? – Sammy must confess the odor he keeps smelling when visiting his friend’s place.
  2. Mr. Mishap Gives His Pitch – Lenny is a con man.  He makes his living coming up with schemes for people to pay him.
  3. Landed On Your Doorstep – Billy has overstayed his welcome living at his brother and sister-in-laws house.
  4. A Higher Level of Talk – Bart went all in on a girl he liked only to find out that he was way out of his league.
  5. Growing A Full Mustache – young Tim wants to be considered an adult and he makes every effort at growing his own mustache.


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