5 Short Original Comedic Scripts

Here’s 5 Short Original Comedic Scripts you can use for auditions, short films or scene study practice and drama school.

Characters below deal in crime, sabotage, mother/daughter relationship, freak accidents, strange discoveries and more.

5 Short Original Comedic Scripts

CHEESECAKE (dark humor)
This is a wicked scene that takes place in a cafe with a hit woman and a sleazy criminal.

A terrible overdose has occurred and two drastically different friends try to work it out in this dark comedy.

A mother must share the news with her daughter that her uncle has tragically died, the only trouble is that her daughter is completely caught off guard with the info in a surprising fashion.

This is more of a period piece during the silent film era where the main character gets hired by the studios to fill in the silence with his laugh.  The scene you are about to read takes place at a radio station during a strange interview.

An uncle gets cotton balls stuck inside his ear in order to avoid hearing the terrible music his niece plays.  In this scene his niece comes to his rescue.


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