5 Short Published Plays for Teens

Here’s 5 Short Published Plays for Teens sharing five one-act published plays that range from 5-12 minutes in duration.  Great for videos & acting class.

5 Short Published Plays for Teens

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – this short play is about the difficulty one can have when it comes to being more vulnerable and open to people you care about.

I’M NOT DUMB – this is a touching play about a teenager having a discussion with her guidance counselor about not being able to keep up with her school work and studies.

ATTENTION – two sisters try their best to work out their family drama and get along better.

BUBBLE WORLD – Jessica is fed up with her cousin because she can’t take the materialistic mind she has developed over time.

YOU’RE A POTATO HEAD – Ronda is sick and tired of seeing her cousin sit on the couch every weekend and never going out to have fun.

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