5 Small Cast Scripts 5 Minutes Long

Here are 5 small cast scripts that are drama/serio-comedy and are about 5 minutes long for 2-3 actors only.  The short scripted play scenes shared in this post makes for good practice material for students and team creative video projects.

5 Small Cast Scripts 5 Minutes Long

True Blood Ties  (1 woman, 1 man) this scene takes place between a father and daughter during a prison visit.

My Chianna  (2 men) two men wrapping up a criminal deal.

Real Again  (2 women) two people who have deep feelings for one another and are trying to escape their circumstances together.

Mr. Tandum  (2 women, 1 man) Charles come back home but finds that the woman he loves may have been ‘corrupted’ by his sister.

Common Practice  (2 women) two women discuss the idea of controlling and managing their husbands.


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