5 Stage Monologues for Actor Auditions

5 stage monologues for actor auditions is a good source of content for creatives.  You may use the monologue material for drama class study, demo reels and video uploads.  Topics include reflecting on life, past regret, goal setting, hidden secrets and carelessness.  Ranging from 1-2 minutes for women and men.

5 Stage Monologues for Actor Auditions

  • Rain On Me – Cheryl shares a recent occurrence with her boyfriend with regards to appreciating the smaller things in life.
  • Catholic Girl – Charlotte opens up to her daughter about her past and the things she used to do when she was younger.  
  • Live Your Life – BIV vents at his brother for not being more ambitious in his life.
  • Act The Innocent – JESSICA stands up for herself with regards to how she’s been getting treated for having asked for help.
  • Full Speed Ahead – Jack talks to his best friend Ray about his guilt of nearly killing his son by neglect.


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