5 Useful BuzzFeed Tips For Content Creators

It’s time actors acknowledge the fact that they are content creators.  There are so many actors nowadays developing and marketing their own projects.  The industry is always evolving and actors seem to be getting tired of knocking on the same old doors. Sooner or later you have to ask yourself, “is there a different door?”

What’s apparently taking place is a take charge attitude within the establishment, not against it necessarily, but a reaction to it, in search of new ways actors can express their art.  It’s a pretty amazing time.

With today’s tools, nothing can stop you as an actor.  You just need to be willing to accept other solutions and alternatives.  Why limit yourself to one way, when there are other doors and windows that will get you where you wish to be?  Make your own opportunity.

Have you noticed:

Does that surprise you?  Those are new doors…

More actors are starting to get it and developing work through an abundance of content creation and capitalizing on new forms of digital media.

According to Content Engine TV: “content creation is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms.”

The internet is for young creatives or older creatives.  Your content is only limited by your imagination, not your age.

If you have something inside of you that’s aching to get out then sit down, write your project and go make it happen.  There is a worldwide audience online waiting for you. Don’t wait for others and don’t listen to those that say you can’t.  I’ve shared with you EXACTLY how to do it.

The 6 steps To Making Your Own Short Film can be applied to a web series, feature film or other video project you wish to make happen.  Use it as a compass to give you direction but make your own discoveries and figure out your own way of doing things.  Trust me, you won’t have a choice because the pure nature of making your own content projects is nothing but full of surprises and learning curves but that’s part of the fun of it.

Let’s Get Back On BuzzFeed

In what ways can BuzzFeed show creatives like actors, writers, musicians, bloggers or vloggers useful content marketing strategies?  BuzzFeed has their content creation strategy down to a science, literally.  They understand what resonates with their audience at a high level, based on their in-house data analytics, which they use to pin point what pieces of content are rising and what pieces of content appear to be not as active.

#1 Know Your Audience

Who is your intended audience?  You need to earn their attention and the only way you can achieve that is by understanding your audience needs, wants and dreams.

If a hungry man sits down at a steakhouse and is served a veggie salad, it may be because the Chef doesn’t understand that he is running a steakhouse.  Therefore, the customer will leave.  Same theory applies here.

The better equipped you are with who your intended audience is, the better you will satisfy their needs.

  • Consider thinking over their demographics:  general age, gender, education, religion, language and culture.  Play an imaginary game of who you would like your ideal audience member to be.

#2 Use Honest and Intriguing Headlines

Nothing is worse than when you click on something that looks cool because of the headline and when you watch the vid or read the article it’s actually nothing like what you expected.  All you are left with is disgruntled disappointment.

You don’t want to do the same thing with your content to your own audience.  You want to deliver on your promise and your headline is your promise.

BuzzFeed does an excellent job at crafting exceptional headlines that increase clicks.  Based on their headlines alone, people want to click on the content and find out more.

It’s important to have good headlines for the content you create and put online.  Doesn’t matter if it’s video or an article, headlines are vital to gaining interest.

#3 Make It Interactive

BuzzFeed rocks the quizzes and listicles and they also create some really funny slideshares. This type of engagement is interactive and keeps the user interested.  Think of ways you can also develop your own content using such interactive tactics.

#4 Make It Shareable

What social media channels are you using?  You can take advantage of optimizing your content on social media to increase your shares.  BuzzFeed has mastered the art of creating shareable content.  Visit their social media accounts and see in what ways they work those platforms.

#5 Monitor and Measure Analytics

BuzzFeed has their own internal data processes but that doesn’t mean you can’t find and use terrific analytics yourself for your own content.

This is something that actually extensively gets overlooked.  You can measure your content through social media analytics and through your website analytics.

Get a free account with Google Analytics and gain a better understanding of what your content is generating in terms of content, audience demographics and a ton more.


I’m hoping some fire was lit in you after reading this.  I’m hoping that some of the tips outlined here in relation to BuzzFeed is something that you can grow from and use towards the content creation projects you make.  There’s a new frontier out there.