50 YouTube Monologues for Teenage Girls and Guys

Here’s 50 YouTube Monologues for Teenage Girls and Guys you can use to showcase your monologue video skills online with our free comedy and drama pieces.

50 YouTube Monologues for Teenage Girls and Guys

  1. Causing A Scene
  2. In Your Way
  3. Ask Her Out
  4. See Me
  5. Under Your Spell
  6. Attention
  7. Same Thing
  8. Agree To Disagree
  9. Potato Head
  10. Typical Teen
  11. Just So You Know
  12. My Side of Things
  13. Heavy Cough
  14. Telling Secrets
  15. Please Forgive Me
  16. Not Feeling You
  17. Old Enough To Work
  18. Anything Sweet Stays
  19. I Liked Her First
  20. Lick My Wounds
  21. Never Been Kissed
  22. Smeared Ink
  23. Corner Store
  24. Real Dad
  25. One Thing
  26. Bring About Change
  27. Bad Look
  28. Stacy’s Eyes
  29. Space
  30. Chasing, Jeremy
  31. The World Is Not Kind
  32. A Walk in the Sun
  33. Don’t Panic
  34. Cider, Baby
  35. Tis Pity He’s A Brother
  36. It’s Torture
  37. The Brush Off
  38. What’s Your Deal?
  39. Detention
  40. Sly Statements
  41. Bad Look
  42. Bubble World
  43. Same Routine, Different Day
  44. Mind Trick
  45. I’m Not Dumb
  46. Repeat After Me
  47. Mad Mike
  48. Baby Whale
  49. Out In The Open
  50. One Story


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