6 Troilus Shakespeare Monologues

Here are 6 male Shakespeare monologues of the character Troilus from the play Troilus and Cressida. More Shakespeare Audition Monologues.

6 Troilus Shakespeare Monologues

1. Troilus and Cressida

Character: TROILUS

Location: Act I, sc. 1

First line: Peace, you ungracious clamours! peace, rude sounds! Fools on both sides!

2. Troilus and Cressida


Location: Act I, sc. 1

First Line: O Pandarus! I tell thee, Pandarus,— When I do tell thee, there my hopes lie drown’d, Reply not in how many fathoms deep They lie indrench’d.

3. Troilus and Cressida


Location: Act II, sc. 2

First Line: I take to-day a wife, and my election Is led on in the conduct of my will;

6 Troilus Shakespeare Men Monologues

4. Troilus and Cressida

Character: TROILUS

Location: Act IV, sc. 4

First line:  And suddenly; where injury of chance Puts back leave-taking, justles roughly by All time of pause, rudely beguiles our lips Of all rejoindure, forcibly prevents Our lock’d embrasures, strangles our

5. Troilus and Cressida


Location: Act V, sc. 2

First Line: This she? no, this is Diomed’s Cressida: If beauty have a soul, this is not she;

6. Troilus and Cressida


Location: Act V, sc. 10

First Line: You understand me not that tell me so: I do not speak of flight, of fear, of death, But dare all imminence that gods and men Address their dangers in. Hector is gone:

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