60 Dramatic Monologues for Women

MB has gone through our archive of female dramatic monologues for you. Here are 60 dramatic audition monologues that are on point.  For more monologues.

Below you will find the linked title, character name and beginning of the monologue.

  1. Second Look – CHER:  It hasn’t happened for quite some time.  I was thinking about this all day and it must have been years since I’ve ever felt that feeling…you know?
  2. White Tail Spider – WS: You like watching the scifi channel?  Well, I LOVE watching the scifi channel.  In fact, my preferred nickname is the white tail;
  3. Silent Treatment – M/F: What’s wrong?  …What happened?  Why you in such a mood?  You can’t talk to me?  Is it something I did?
  4. Addicted – MAN/WOMAN:  You’re so addicted to me, aren’t you? You can’t stop yourself from coming to see me, can you?
  5. On The Surface – KARA: Why am I different?  What’s different?  I’m not different…I‘m me.
  6. ResidueJENNIFER..I don’t feel like being funny…[scratches her neck] I don’t. DON’T! Don’t touch me right now—I’m sorry—I need my space;
  7. Pay Attention – LINDA: …You can take me back to where you picked me up, please. I’d appreciate it.
  8. If My Inner Thoughts Could SpeakJALINE: If my inner thoughts could speak about you, here’s what I’d say…You were wrong about me.  You’ve strengthened me.  You fuel my passions, my fire, my energy.
  9. I Can’t Win – NELLA: I’m tired of him!  Who the hell does he think he is to insult me that way?  I cannot believe it Jeff.  I am the adult.
  10. The Perfect Person – MARSHA: I know I have issues.  But point to the person who doesn’t?  Are you the perfect person?  I resent the fact that you criticize me and judge me.
  11. Say It – TIANNA:  Say it…go on…say it.  Even though you didn’t say it, I still heard it.  I felt it reach the tip of your tongue but you thought better of it…didn’t you?
  12. Smile Pretty, Alice – ANITA: Smile pretty, Alice.  We both know one thing…the truth.  We both know what you’ve done.  We both know.
  13. A Thousand Kisses – DORA: It’s the most beautiful thing…watching my two year old daughter playing Mommy with her doll.
  14. Fix The Car – DENISE: I’m dry.  I got nothing.  You keep borrowing money, Frank…you take and take and take and what do I have left?  Huh?
  15. Form of Clarity – AUDREY:  How have you been? (she briefly touches her lips with a finger) What’s wrong?
  16. The Bear – ANYONE:  I want to care less about caring so much…I think that’s been my biggest—well, one of my problems, anyway…
  17. Elsewhere – VICTORIA: You speak so very well of Mr. Tandum and yet, he is viewed as quite a radical amongst closed circles.  He appears to be a bit, eccentric.  Do you not agree, Florence?
  18. OneM/F: Today, I slowly, gently, removed one of my angel wings…to offer it up to you…
  19. Itch – WILLA: I’m not gonna say shit.  Do what you need to do, I’ll stay out of it.  I’m not gonna say shit.
  20. Forgotten – SAMANTHA: It’s always about you, you know. I just–(sighs) why does the world have to revolve around YOU?
  21. The Way I Know MeSHANDA: Can I talk to you about something?  (beat)  I’m not that great.  There are many people who have wonderful things to say about me but I’m not so sure I believe any of it to be true.
  22. Angel Prayers – MILANI:  Angels…where’s my angel?  They say it’s my mother’s brother but he must be crazy to look out for me…
  23. Fantastic Day With My Precious Son – MISCHA:  Mom, please, I had the day of days…Robbie drove me crazy all day and didn’t stop acting up until I finally got him to sleep.
  24. All Of A Sudden – VICKY:  It’s always gotta reach a peak with you before you get it, before you understand anything I say.  Why is that?
  25. Sly Statements – MELANIE:  When you speak to me sometimes…we can be talking as simple as we are talking to one another right now…
  26. Protective Shield – RITA: I keep things in.  Things.  Emotions.  My emotions…I know that that’s probably not a good thing.  Life has made me that way I guess.
  27. The Signing – ELIZA: I’m not signing it.  He must be out of his mind.  He flipped his lid!
  28. Coffee Table – MELANIE:  My table came to life. I was just staring at it and it came to life. It started with the legs…the legs of the table. They moved first.
  29. Painting Mona Lisa – TRACY:  If you look at me, I’m beautiful.  Really just take a good look at me.  Look at my forehead, my eyebrows, my eyelashes, the bridge of my nose, cheeks, lips…
  30. Contents Flammable – I memorized the side of the bottle. I wanted to be clear to myself as to what I done and repeating that phrase to myself, reminds me of how horrible a person I am.
  31. Free – JESSICA:  Your eyes don’t penetrate through me like they used to, Charles.  I’m no longer afraid of you.
  32. Just A Crack – RAYLA: What do you think, your shit doesn’t stink? (beat) Answer me…do you actually think you’re above everyone else?
  33. Patiently Waiting – SHEILA: Each time I take another step toward loving you, you take me for granted and treat me wrong.  Why is that?
  34. Time For Me – JANET:  My dream is to be a writer but I have three boys that I’m raising, plus I’m divorced from a husband who can care less about his children and I’m left on my own completely.
  35. For My Father – ADRIANNE:  I love my father.  He’s pretty fucked up, but I love him dearly.  Let me tell you about my dad.  I was never daddy’s little girl.
  36. Ends Meat – SANDY:  Things were going well for so long, we got caught up with never imagining things would go the way in which they have…
  37. Keeping Up – PELLA:  I don’t know how to do it…he’s a sweet guy, he’s only been with us for a short while but his work, what he’s doing…
  38. Enough Peace To Breathe – ARIAH: You know, I…look into your eyes and I…all I want to do is help you.  I connect with your pain…I don’t want to see you suffer like this no more.
  39. Prison Cell Pointers – CATHY:  You  gotta be a hard bitch in this place.  No tears aloud.  You’re going to be doing time for a few years so expect the worst shit in life to be thrown your way.
  40. Moving To New York – CINDY:  My girlfriend and I have been happy for two years now.  We’re thinking about moving to New York.  She’s up for anything and I’m thinking I can get a better job in my field in New York.
  41. Far Too Deeply – SHARON:  I have this tendency to self analyze far too deeply and when I go too far, I discover nothing but great confusion.
  42. Real Man – DESDEMONA: There is no saving you, is there?  How can I possibly begin to explain this to you? Let me try this…
  43. Please Forgive Me – JESSE:  I didn’t mean to make you feel insignificant.  I feel so horrible about it that I would rather cut off my arm and it wouldn’t even come close.
  44. Know Who You Are – MADELINE: Is it waiting there for me Cassandra?  Is it?  When will my flower grow?  When will my night in shining armor show himself?  Oh damn it!
  45. Normal Me, Psychotic You – PETRA: There’s something wrong with you woman.  I try to talk to you about serious things going on in my life and you instead use it against me to try and hurt my spirit.
  46. With You – AMY:  I’m so proud of you babe. I really am. It’s weird how things have come along for us. We’ve really struggled, I wish we could share our story…
  47. Inner Core – SHELLY:  Sometimes I stare inside myself and try to figure out how I can kill my inner core.  There are days when I wish to remove myself, from myself.  Start fresh.  Anew.
  48. Dark Side of My Moon – Male/Female:  There’s a dark side of my brain. I have these thoughts sometimes that aren’t good.  I don’t want anyone else to succeed but me…well, I shouldn’t say it that way…
  49. Mouth – TILDA:  Why do you come down so hard on me?  Just because you’re in a rotten mood, doesn’t mean you have the right to speak to me the way that you do.
  50. String Of Pearls – SARAH:  I’ve spent alot of time in my life trying to decide which way to go because I have so many interests.  I’ve always admired people who have such a tunnel vision for their life and career.
  51. One Thing – BRIANNA: Why is it that these boys only want one thing? Why can’t I meet a guy that is a decent, good guy?
  52. Going Vegan – TIFFANY:  I have decided to change my diet to vegan only. It’s not just the animals and environment I’m worried about, it’s also the way humanity acts.
  53. Every Which Way – SUSANNA:  You try so hard to be my friend again. Every which way, but it doesn’t work  like that.  What you did really put a wedge between us…
  54. Elsewhere – VICTORIA: You speak so very well of Mr. Tandum and yet, he is viewed as quite a radical amongst closed circles.  He appears to be a bit, eccentric.  Do you not agree, Florence?
  55. Going, Going, Gone – KIERNA: Rushing.  That’s all I do…RUSH.  I am a professional rusher.  I rush to the market, rush to get my nails done, rush to get my hair done, rush to cook dinner, rush at work, rush to pick up my mother, rush to do the laundry, rush to pick the kids up from school.
  56. Can I Be A Mother? – REBECCA:  Jeannine, do you know what he said to me? He said that I would be a really beautiful Mother. I just don’t know if I’ve got it in me. I mean, I love kids, I do. But if I’m around them too much, I get agitated.
  57. Shake Him Off – Sara: Charlie, you can’t blame him for everything bad in your life. (beat) You say you know but do you really?  He’s been dead for ten years and you go on like he just did you wrong.
  58. People’s Comments – MALE/FEMALE: I say the things I say to you because I want you to be good at what you do. Sometimes, I wonder if I want you to be more successful than you yourself want to be.
  59. Never Hurt You – MARIANNE: It’s true, what you’ve heard about me. It’s true. I’ve been careless with the people I’ve loved in my life. I’ve done—
  60. Last Breath – ASIA:  You see what you want to see only for YOURSELF.  You don’t look at things from my perspective.  What you are a master in, is self-deception…so much so that you actually almost convince me of a different point of view.
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