7 Comedic Monologues for Creators

7 Comedic Monologues for Creators for both men and women who are looking to create a video project for fun or use for a comedic audition.

7 Comedic Monologues for Creators

  1. A Series of Insignificant Questions – This is a comedic spin on what an interviewer is really thinking during an interview session.
  2. Running for Burgers – Helena decides to free herself and come out by saying how much she LOVES to eat, eat, eat.
  3. Big Brett – a funny take on a woman who so wants a man like Brett but acts appalled by her friend’s happy relationship.
  4. Hi, I Vincent – this is a comedic character that the creator can invent with an accent and extra confident personality.
  5. The Story of Quiff The Poser – a man who loves to pose but will never fess up to it.
  6. Darling Face – Beverly has been living the home alone life and simply can’t stand it anymore.
  7. Medium – this guy has the mentality of being a seven foot five warrior, when in reality he’s a pretty small dude.


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