7 Comedy Monologues for All Ages

7 Comedy Monologues for All Ages presents some wildly funny audition pieces for female and male actors. Monologues run 1-2 minutes long.

7 Comedy Monologues for All Ages


  1. A Smile Per Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away – Cleopatra gives her strong opinion about how to avoid wrinkles.
  2. Little Critters – an episode of how a person freaks out over a bug landing in their eye.
  3. Just For Laughs – a small group of mother’s swap revenge stories of getting even with their kids.
  4. Crazy Glue – This is a monologue miracle on how a person can accidentally glue their own hand to their own face.


  1. An Entire Tube of Toothpaste – Rizzo finally tells his co-worker that he needs to brush his teeth or stop talking to him.
  2. Sack and Crack – a good monologue about why most men probably don’t prefer to wax.
  3. Medium – a smaller than average guy who believes he is as tall as a professional basketball player.

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