7 Contemporary Monologues for Women and Men

Here are seven contemporary monologues for women and men that cover the topics of infidelity, identity, when the past haunts the present, guilt, forgiveness, pleasure, murder and sacrifice.  Contemporary monologues from published plays is also a good resourse for actors.

7 Contemporary Monologues for Women and Men

  1. Locked In My Box – when someone refuses to forgive you.
  2. Get Over It – when friend’s argue over a guy.
  3. Somewhere Between The Crossroads of Heaven and Hell – when a woman cheats on her husband.
  4. The Footsteps That Won’t Ever Disappear – a brother defines the truth of what really matters in family.
  5. Brother or No Brother – when one brother tries to explain to the other brother that he’s not wanted.
  6. Soil, Air, Sky – talking about a special man who used to exist.
  7. The Dark Horse of Passivity – a stone cold killer recounts a murder to a journalist.


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