7 Content Marketing Tips For Actors

Before reading my content marketing tips for actors, I would recommend you going back to developing your actor brand vision first.

The reason why I suggest you do that first is because it’s important for you to have the right mindset for what I’m about to share with you next, sort of as a follow up to keep us all on the same page.

You have to be clear on what kind of value you are going to bring to the world of entertainment as an actor.  Think of yourself as a company.  In fact, you are a company.  You have to keep in mind that you are your own business. This is why it’s so important for you to know what you stand for and what you are about….just like a company in a way.  You need to know your core actor values and implement those values in your work and what you reveal through the work you do.  It’s called “show business”, so what is it you plan to show?

When you develop your actor brand vision, it’s important to next figure out your execution strategy.  We can create plans all day on paper or in our smart phones or in our minds but if you don’t have a “do” strategy in place, sooner or later you will go off track and never get the job done.  The 7 content marketing tips I give you will help you develop your execution strategy.

You have to know, based on your actor brand vision, what kind of content you wish to market.  What form do you want to create through?  Is it video? Blogging?  Social Media?  Design?  Podcast?  Gifs?  A combination of all of them?

  1. Story – what’s your story?  Conflict creates tension, and tension keeps people engaged with your story.  Look into your own life and how your story applies to the content you create.
  2. Authenticity – stay true to your brand and true to your voice.
  3. Audience – it’s not about who you know but what you can do.

Content is the creation of media based on your own actor brand.  There is so many different things you can do and use to get your message out there.  You don’t need to use all of them, go with what you feel you can scale.  The choice is yours!

Content Marketing Tips for Actor:

#1 Use Images – pictures speak a thousand words.  In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.  (According to 3M Corporation)

#2 Make Video – create video content…Twitter video, YouTube Facebook video, Vimeo and explore the video space with your actor brand.

#3 Write – build your own blog and write content to promote your project.

#4 Infographics/Design – get some good imagery and fonts working together to share your actor brand content.  Don’t settle just for an image if you can push it further and create something really eye catching that communicates more about what you wish to share.

#5 Podcast – create a podcast.  There are a ton of really good podcast shows out there that are worth listening to.  It is only another way for you to communicate your actor brand to the world.  Create and generate your own show!

#6 Web Series – why not roll the dice and make a web series?  I’ve written about 6 Steps You Can Take To Make Your Own Short Film which provides insight into the process of making a film/video project.  You can use the same principles in that article for a web series that will push out your own actor branded content.

#7 Apps – there’s some pretty neat apps out there that you can mix it up in that you can express your own talent through.  Get on Snapchat and explore the medium. Do the research and see how you can create through those platforms if you think they are right for your personal actor brand.


I want to give you food for thought that will motivate and encourage you to consider new ways of getting yourself exposed as an actor.  There is a ton of opportunity out there for you to tap into.  Remember, when you know your actor brand vision and you understand your execution strategy, the rest is in the doing.

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