7 Drama Scenes for Your IMDB Actor Reel

If you are in need of script material as you put together your acting reel, have a look at the seven short scenes below which should be helpful for your demo.

7 Drama Scenes for Your IMDB Actor Reel

ONE RED CENTCraig plans on picking up his kids for the weekend from his ex-wife, but she won’t let him because he isn’t paying alimony.

FULL CIRCLE – Tanya and Beverly were two former best friends who happen to bump into one another at a city park.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – Sarah confronts the NURSE that has been wrongfully caring for her mother.

BACK TO LIFEMitchell meets with a woman he doesn’t love.  They meet at an outdoor train station cafe.

COVER STORYAn editorial supervisor is interested in more than one cover story.

BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS – Mr. Chesterfield comes back from a trip, only to talk with his neighbor, Mrs. Connors about his ‘changed’ wife.

WALTER’S STUDY – Walter is confronted by his son Franklin about their father/son issues.


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