7 Published Scripts for All Ages

These 7 Published Scripts for All Ages are free to use for auditions/castings, workshops, actor reels and video creations.

Topics include business, judgement, affairs, bad behavior, anatomy and more.

7 Published Scripts for All Ages


  1. Little Petey (comedy) Pete has issues with his anatomy and a slipped confession turns out to cause him a great deal of grief and embarrassment.
  2. The Wrong Ring (comedy) No matter how old you are there seems to be conflict in death and materialistic objects.
  3. Mickey’s Cake (comedy) a short skit on improper behavior in the work environment.
  4. Full Amount (comedy) Pedro is the new home assistant to help Gabe with household chores, including his coffee enema.


  1. Genuine Article (drama)  Darleen has been business swindled and she turns to her dear friend Sam for advice and encouragement.
  2. No Way of Knowing (drama) Trisha and Sam try to figure out the best way to handle their eldest son Manny.
  3. New Deal (drama) Winston receives help from a powerful business woman he happens to be having an affair with.


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