7 Strong Modern Female Monologues

Great monologues for women, searchable by topic, gender, play or movie. In this list we share with you 7 really strong and modern monologues for female performers.

  • Nothing Is Ever Lost – SARAH gives advice to her younger sister Jenny, after they have had a bad argument.
  • Going, Going, Gone – Kierna is a devoted wife and mother to say the least.  She is efficient at everything she does but it takes its toll on her.  Being great at everything is no easy task, even for someone as remarkable as Kierna.  In this monologue she vents in the middle of her kitchen out-loud for all to hear.
  • Stand Up – J talks about going after your dreams. Don’t live in fear. 
  • Protective Shield – Rita talks to her friend about how she has a difficult time opening up to people she cares about.
  • Nelly’s Dream – a mother tells the vision she has for her and her child.
  • Sly Statements – Melanie has a discussion with her boyfriend about how he makes her feel less as a person.
  • Beautiful Day – LINDA talks to a stranger she met in a park and opens up her feelings about not ever feeling pretty enough.

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