7 Youth Theatre Monologues for Acting Teachers

Here’s 7 youth theatre monologues for acting teachers in need of assigning monologue play practice for drama students under 12 years of age.

Youth Theatre Monologues for Acting Teachers

FACES I KNOW – Pete talks to his horse Freedom about the difficulty he bares witness to in life.

WEIRD – Melvin talks about his own weirdness and curiosities.

CHASING JEREMY – Kimberly tells her Aunt that she thinks she’s in love.

PLAYING ONLINE CHESS – Toddley is upset over the fact that his sister keeps interrupting him from his chess study.

POSTERS – Charlene complains to her mother because her brother ruined her most favorite poster.

TELLING SECRETS – Sarah is let down from her friend who told the boy she likes at school she is crushing on him.

EVER SO GENTLY – Joshua consoles his wounded brother from the physical beating he took from their father.

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