8 New Scenes for Creative Projects

Monologue Blogger has an original round of eight scripted scenes for you to sink your creative teeth into.

Below you will see some comedy, drama and a combination of the two.

  1. Perfect Little Bubble – a man is about to propose to his woman when he discovers she has a severe nervous disorder that tests their love.
  2. Sweet and Dandy – a wannabe writer is trying to come to terms with finally setting out to write the novel he dreams about writing.
  3. Vouch – a sewer and drain worker is on the verge of losing his job but refuses to give up.
  4. Option A or Option B – one man tries to beat another man out of his money but an interesting series of events change things on this lucky day.
  5. Bad Talk – growing up on urban streets gets harder when the neighborhood crazy turns out to be your cousin.
  6. Life Moves – a scene between a protective father and a daughter who questions her father’s love.
  7. Patsy Fumbles – the battle of food and hunger between Grandpa and Grandson.
  8. Clock and Tree – two men ‘lost’, ‘aimless’ and always ‘disappointed’.

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