9 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

9 comedic monologues for all ages covers house crashing, food obsession, first dates gone wrong, aliens, boredom, ancestors, crazy glue and more.

9 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

  1. A World of Unlimited Dreams – Gabrielle is bored to death and she desperately tries to figure out something to do.
  2. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine works at a sneaker shop and she vents over the rude customers she copes with.
  3. An Alien Keeps Stealing My Beer – Noel is annoyed because a little alien creature keeps stealing beers from his fridge!
  4. Crappy Pants – Elise had a first date with a guy she really like but it all went wrong because she ‘split her pants’.
  5. Landed On Your Doorstep – Mel has been crashing at his cousin’s house for two years…was supposed to be two days.  Damn.
  6. Stop Loving Food – Dorothea is a bit jealous over her maid’s cooking.
  7. The Year Was 1899 – Walter breaks down the family history to his son.
  8. Crazy Glue – Linda has accidentally crazy glued her hand to her cheek.  Ouch!
  9. Something On The Stove – Sammy can no longer stomach the horrific odor coming from his friend’s apartment.


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