9 Content Marketing Questions Actors Need Answered

Why does an actor need to learn about content marketing? Content marketing for actors will provide the possibility of growing your own audience and serve to build your personal brand.

It’s time actors put on their content producer hat and start making projects happen. In addition to auditioning or attending casting workshops, you also need to develop your own projects.

Let’s say you’ve completed your project. You went through the slings and arrows of outrageous content creation. It can be a web series, short film, feature film, a play, blog site, a platform on social media where you produce content…digital media possibilities are seemingly unlimited.

What do you do next? Content marketing.

I would also keep in mind that the sooner you begin content marketing your project, the better. Even before you start shooting something, you can start unrolling bits of content to get the ball rolling by the time you actually launch your project.

We will now go over 9 questions you should ask yourself to get you into a good content strategy position for that next project you wish to launch.

9 Content Marketing Questions for Actors

1. What is your ONE MAIN GOAL?
Before you can begin executing on your content strategy, you need to know what you are executing on.

  • Is it to increase traffic to your project website?
  • Build project awareness before it goes live?
  • Raise money to crowdfund your project before you even start production?
  • Get people to join your project newsletter?
  • Generate fans and lead them to purchasing merchandise from your project possibly?
  • Different goals alter different strategies so you need to be clear about what you’re after.

Once you clearly define your content objective, than you can begin putting together your content strategy.

Think about other goals as well but be sure to have your main goal in place.

2. Who is your audience?
Believe it or not, this question often gets overlooked because the idea of creating entertainment is for an audience in general but if you take the time to know who you are crafting your content for and think about the demographics of the audience you wish to connect to, you will be better off because you will be more specific in terms of who you want your content to reach.

Imagine you are in a packed theatre. Look out across the footlights and see the people you want to connect to. What kind of person is it? A teenage boy is different from a 45 year old Mother.

Know who you wish to reach.

3. What is your content format?
Strategize on which content methods you will use to grow your audience and consider what ‘micro content’ you will produce for it to draw people in.

For instance, for Instagram, think about what photos you can use as well as the possibility of video (currently 60 seconds) that you may want to include to build more presence online for your project.

You can run a Q & A on Snapchat about your project with your followers and engage with the curiosity they may have about your project.

Think of creative ways you can think outside of the box through social media or on your blog site to introduce, build and connect with your followers.

4. Do you have an organized content schedule?
It’s very important to make sure you carve out a consistent and concise content schedule within a certain time frame from start to finish.

What steps have you scheduled in your calendar to get from point a to point b based on your goals? Will it be once per day or once per week?

Take into account how long it will take you to produce a piece of content before committing to it. You don’t want to begin your schedule only to find out that two weeks go by and you’ve dropped the ball because you can’t keep up with it. If that does happen, adjust your content production quickly so you don’t give up on it altogether and provide yourself with what you can handle consistently.

Don’t be afraid to start slow and build.

Creative Hustle for Content Creators

5. Are you measuring your performance?
One of the blessings of creating digital content is that you will be able to receive statistics that will help you understand your audience more accurately and give you insight into the pros and cons of the content you are producing. You will be able to read what your audience is liking and not so hot on. This will in turn help you produce more of the quality content that seems to be working for your audience and will in fact help you grow more visitors to your project.

The top influencers and content creators online use all kinds of analysis based on the video, image or written content they produce regularly. The reasons being is that it helps them get better at what they do for their audience.

6. Are you prepared for traffic growth?
If your project takes off and grows in popularity, how do you plan to manage that success? You need to prepare yourself with the ability to handle positive results on your content.

You have to make sure that you are prepared to keep growing and not come up short with nothing else to produce. If you did 10 episodes for a series and it comes to a close for season 1 and it did fairly well. You need to be on top of your audience and keep them informed. If your show ends but don’t plan on the next season until next year, you may have to start your content marketing strategy from the very beginning if you do not remain connected to your current audience.

7. Who are your content team players?
Also, don’t be afraid to get other members of your project team to help. The more players, the better off your project will be, so long as each of you understand the project guidelines and stick to it based on the project’s voice.

Have a content leader in place and other members who are assigned specific tasks to fulfill. If it’s just you, that’s fine. It’s more work and it’s hard but it can be done.

8. Do you have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly project content overview?
Depending on your content schedule and team, you will want to have a touch base aspect to your content in order to keep an overview of how things are going. This will keep you and the team connected to the main project, content being produced and the ROI of that content.

These content overviews are important to make sure the MAIN GOAL is being satisfied and also to make adjustments based on the evolution of the project.

Lastly, you want to make sure everyone on your team is holding their weight and doing the work they need to do. Again, if it’s just you, make sure you are honest with yourself about getting the job done.

9. Should you outsource your content marketing strategy for your project?
You could. But I think it best you do it with your own team because people will connect with the authenticity of who you and your team are and this makes a stronger impact for your project.

Wrap Up:
There you have it. 9 questions actors can mull over when creating a content marketing strategy for their project. Kick it around and really give some thought to what your content plan will be because it can only strengthen your project.

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