9 Online Acting Course Scripts for Actors

Here’s 9 online acting course scripts for actors and creators to use for acting class, drama study, performer workshops, youtube videos  or scene study.

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9 Online Acting Course Scripts for Actors

DEAR HEATHER – Heather is helping store owner Arthur close shop for what turns out to be the very last time.

MOONY and PEGGY – a couple is stuck inside their home during a storm when strange things start to happen.

ZERO VISIBILITY – two great friends find themselves stuck in a car during a snow storm.

FULL CIRCLE – two old friends meet by accident and decide it best to have a conversation, despite the fact that they parted ways in the past under negative circumstances.

SHRIBBLE – sometimes going vegan isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be.

NEW DEAL – trouble is on the horizon for this young business guy but there is help from someone he happens to be having an affair with.

MY CHIANNA – a dark humor tale that involves crime and a woman…what could go wrong?

FOOT OF THE BED – two women in love who cannot be together the way they wish to be.

END OF THE ARGUMENT – Kelly wants to abandon her life and Jim has to come to terms with his own understanding of it.

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