9 Small Cast Plays for 2 Actors – Comedy

Here’s 9 original short comedic acting scenes for a small cast.  You will also find more comedic scripts/skits/scenes in our script section.  5-10 Minutes long when timed.

9 Small Cast Plays for 2 Actors

BASKET CASE – Ma come home with bad news to share with her daughter over a death in the family.

WAY OF THE WIFFLE BALL BAT – Jane tries to rescue her son from choking by way of a wiffle ball bat.

SNIFF – Ben asks Harry why he keeps smelling his fingers.

EAT BERRIES AND DRINK WHISKEY – News reporter Jim Turner talks to a camera/viewers while interviewing the oldest living person on Earth.

THE SHOW – Vic has started his own YouTube channel with the hopes of it becoming an educational resource for becoming a gangster.

TODAY IS THE DAY – two old people try to put together a shopping list.

MICKEY’S CAKE – What do you do when your boss has a potty mouth?

UPON MY RETURN – Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Burger King during the middle ages?

SHRIBBLE – Valerie and Frank have gone vegan but Frank is in absolute agony.


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