A Bad Man with Good Intentions

In A Bad Man with Good Intentions, Sy is the most advanced humanoid ever created with flawless design and full independence among humans.

SY:  Do you know who I am?  (smiles)…I’m a bad man with good intentions.  You see, I am someone who is as mysterious as the black hole, by choice.  I am as bad as the sharks I swim with.  However, I might be considered the real life Batman of sorts.  (he laughs)

Does it sound like I have an ego?

Maybe I do…we all need a healthy ego to survive in this ever changing world.

I’m looking at you from across the lobby and you remind me of all the other wealthy suits I’ve come across in my life.  You all have that same look, same smell…you all have the same overall vibe, movements…so easy to see the code.

It’s not a bad life, the one you’re living but it’s certainly a useless one.  Maybe not to your inner circle but to the corners of the world, yes.

I’m different than you and perhaps you wouldn’t know it even if I smacked you in the face.  I’m not trying to offend, although I imagine I am.

Sharks are so easy to toy with…ha, ha.

I’ve realized that I was born just like you because in order to defeat the enemy, I have to be as cunning as the enemy and to be as cunning as the enemy, I have to be spawned from the same nest.

Making sense?  …Some?

I run the game…did you know that?  How could you possibly know that…I look like you, sound like you but that’s all part of the design.  Magnificent, really…so wondrously mega…

Rising from chair.

This has been good for me…therapeutic, healing or whatever it’s called these days.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you…all of you.  (smiles)

Joseph Arnone