A Faint Whisper of Love or Compassion

In this dramatic monologue, JACOB visits his estranged father who lives in a trailer home far out in the desert.

Jacob:  All these years I’ve often wondered why I’ve had such a lousy father.  You’ve never given a damn about me…at best, maybe a faint whisper of love or compassion but never anything truly substantial.

I’m looking at you now and I feel bad for you.  It must have been hard to walk in your shoes.


You kill me.  You really do.  I never understood how a man can just give up on life and yet still physically exist…holding on, holding on…

I don’t know, dad.  You’ve taught me how not to be and for that, I’m grateful.  Whatever was lacking in your DNA I am sure to make certain that it’s in mine.


I have a son.  His name is Jacob.  Like me.  Like you.  He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in all my life.  My son is giving me everything that was empty for so long…

I wanted to come here and tell you this face to face…I wanted you to know that you have a Grandson.  I don’t expect nothing.  I only wanted you to know because it’s right for you to know…I guess.  So…congratulations on being a Grandfather.

Joseph Arnone


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