A Fool with a Sensitive Heart

Irva breaks it down to one of her best friends about how he has changed for the worse, not the better and needs to clean up his act and be genuine.

Irva:  Why do you keep up this facade?  I know you are a fool, you don’t have to pretend with me by trying to cover it up.

All this humblebragging and chest pumping, like you are so damn important has gotten way out of control.  I can’t even look in your direction when you start spewing out these cheesy one liners about how great your life is and what you accomplished and how amazing you are.

Look, you can check off one or two things off the good box that you’ve actually achieved but really, you need to slow your roll.  It’s too much.

Lighten up on the whole, “I’m great, look at me” concept and get back to being who you really are…a fool with a sensitive heart.

That’s who you are, that’s who I miss.  (beat)  I’m proud of you for being you, not because of what you have, how you dress, or where you eat…I’m your friend because I like you as a person for you and only you.

Please, destroy this other personality you have going on and get back to your roots.  That’s where you are most special.

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