A Normal Level of Playing Music

In A Normal Level of Playing Music, NICKI complains to her brother because he is playing his music too loud in his bedroom while she is trying to do her homework.

Nicki: Dude, lower your music.  I said, lower your music!  I’m trying to study and I can’t think straight, my room is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.  You’re making my brain rattle.  What’s wrong with you?  No one needs to play their music that loud.  You are so annoying, I swear.

Keep it low…lower…lower than that…much, much lower than that…LOWER.  Dude!  Way lower than…YEAH, that’s it.  BETTER.

Keep it—how can you not hear that?  It’s actually still loud, it just isn’t shaking down the whole house.  That’s what you call a normal level of playing music.  If you don’t like it than put on your headphones that cost a fortune.

Do not turn it any higher than that or else I’m telling Mom when she comes home.

(she exits her brother’s room)

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