A Public Speaker Gives Advice To An Audience

A speaker gives advice to an audience of listeners who are partaking in a seminar to find steps and ways to improve their life.

Cardiff:  I look back on my life every now and again.  I think it’s important to reflect.  It’s good to have a window into your life that you can see through and take into account what you have lived and where you are looking to go.

The all too common phrases, “I’ve wasted so many years or had I known or why didn’t anybody tell me or if I was only given the guidance.”

I think that’s all bullshit.

You live the life you live and learn as you go and shouldn’t live in regret because as time unfolds and the longer you exist…you find that things connect.

For every possible regret you may have in your life, there is a lesson you may gather from it, that you can apply to your current situation…had you not lived that lesson, you wouldn’t be built to carry out what you can do more accurately in the present tense.

You follow?

So, living with regret or wishing things were different is robbing yourself further because you aren’t seeing the overall vision of your life.

It all connects…everything…everything connects to everything…your past is your present is your future…

When you get into the habit of looking back, think over where the value was, think over where the positives are and take that knowledge and apply it to now.

Joseph Arnone


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