A Regular Kid

In A Regular Kid, PEGGY talks to her Uncle Gary about how she wishes she was just a regular kid and not a prodigy.

PEGGY: I’ve always been different.  Not sure why.  I was always able to do these amazing drawings and paintings.  People from all over the world buy my work from online.  No one can believe that a fourteen year old girl can do what I do.  I don’t know how either.  They call me a prodigy but what does that really mean?

I just want to be normal and have friends my own age.  I love painting and drawing and I being called an artist but I want to be normal also.  I have all these adults around, analyzing me.  All these elaborate gallery events in the city and stuff.  It’s cool and all but I just want to hang out with my friends.  I just want to do what kids do.  Maybe I will take a break from everything.

What do you think I should do Uncle Gary?

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