A Serious Sniper Hysterically Hangs Tough in ‘Jakkals 13’

A determined sniper must figure out the new target after his boss makes a mistake, ordering him to kill the wrong man in the hilarious comedy Jakkals 13.

Jakkals 13’s seamless comedic turn from the ominous scene that befalls us after the sniper, (Adrian Collins) serious phone call received by his terrifying boss, then by his oblivious roommate. Because of the seriousness of the situation, I was almost too embarrassed to laugh at spiral of mishaps. Not because it wasn’t funny, but because I felt it inappropriate. Which, is what makes Jakkals 13 special.

Writer and Director, Ari Kruger, takes us into to the life of a sniper, if he was one of us. The, all too, familiar elements ring true in Jackkals 13 making it the 2017 winner of the ONE-REELER short film competition.

Jakkals 13 begins in the surroundings of a forest. The awesome, suspense-filled music tells us that danger is in the midst. Anticipation grows as the camera closes in on the sniper, who’s ready for his target and we’re ready, too. Nothing can go wrong, until his phone vibrates. His boss, a guy I wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley, reminds the sniper of his duties.

Kruger’s comedic timing is perfect; just as we’re ready to see the sniper, get the job done, the phone vibrates again. His mouthy roommate complains about a slice of missing cheesecake. He’s upset to the point of describing the wonderful it should taste and through this, the sniper is not believing what he’s hearing, yet he steps out of sniper mode and jumps into human mode, giving the roomy a piece of his mind.

The snit between the two ends after a second phone call. When the phone vibrates again, the sniper gives the roomy a piece of his mind, only it’s his boss that gets a mouthful of very bad words. It’s just as well, because his boss gave him the wrong file, so the sniper doesn’t know who to shoot.

Thanks to technology, the problem is solved with the cutest, portable printer in the world. After the wind blows the printout, the sniper turns to his idiot roommate for help with what the actual target looks like. We’ve all had that person that just won’t do what we say, right away. As if the roommate understands he holds the key to the sniper’s future, he gives a bunch of useless information.

The sniper is scoping a group of guys, who look as general as the roommate’s descriptions. Flustered and fed up, luck bestows upon the sniper as one of the men pick up the blown photocopy from the windshield and looks at his own face. The action fulfills what we missed from the beginning of the story. Kruger grants us mayhem, blood, and the sniper, gets his just desserts.

Jakkals 13 is one of the best films I’ve enjoyed in a long time and it may’ve shifted into my top twenty. Ari Kruger is truly talented. His ability to integrate great action, dialog, sound, and cinematography proves why the enjoyable Jakkals 13 was an Office Selection of the Made in South Africa International Short Film festival, 2016.

Jakkals 13 pokes fun at life as we know it, even if we’re assassins.

Eleanor O'Hara

Eleanor O'Hara lives in New York City and is the author of two books. For her, writing is not a hobby, it's a passion. Her favorite place to create is the New York Public Library where she produces a contemporary short story series. On her off days she volunteers, learning TV and film production.

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