A Smile Per Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away

Cleopatra is sitting poolside at a private club and she talks to a woman sunbathing beside her about how she needs to have a smile per day.

Cleopatra:  It’s a shame because we could have gotten along marvelously, darling.  But you have a tendency to float above everyone else, flapping those tired little wings above and beyond friendships.  It’s a tragic tale really darling because I am sunshine.

A day with me and all your agonies fall to the wayside because I am the golden solution.

Yes, dear.  Dearie me, dear, dear, dear I say.

Look at me.  Aren’t I divine?  Flawless.  You know why?  Lack of stress.  I am stress free.  You know why?  Because I can’t give a damn, darling.

Your wrinkles my dear are the wrinkles that come from worry.  You need to lighten up and have a parade.  Go on.  Stomp around the poolside and show no fear.

Once each day I smile.  I release.  Yes.

You need to lower your chin and smile.  You can still be marvelously rich, darling.  You won’t lose a penny by smiling, I can promise you that, dearie me.

Don’t worry about diminishing elasticity.   A smile per day keeps a wrinkle away.

I’ve made it my business as well, you little teacup.  I smile once per day but I save it.  I use it like a secret weapon.  I wait.  I wait until the moment arises to smile.  And if my day does not call for a smile, I will smile anyway at nothing and to no one because I shall not be denied.

Therefore, no lines and I am still wealthy and healthy, you little lemonade.

Try it.  Let me see you smile.  Extend.  (beat)  Yes, yes, good, that’s it.  Bravo.  That’s the stuff of legend.  Once per day like that and you too can live in denial, far away from your own private hell.


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