A Touch Of Madness

In this monologue, Jacob talks to a close friend about what he has been mentally experiencing.

JACOB: My mind is beginning to slip like a car transmission that’s on its way out.  I notice it when I talk.  I hear myself.  I see myself.


I watch as I try to cover up the choppiness of my words—sentences.  I watch as I try to smooth it over so I don’t look obvious to who I am talking to.  I’m not sure if I get away with it.


I was sitting on some stairs outside when I realized that I couldn’t focus my thoughts.  Things kept popping in and out of my brain without me having any control whatsoever.  This never happened to me before. I felt like something was lose in my head.  It got to the point when I spoke out-loud to NO ONE—just like the crazy people do.  And for a split second I almost admitted to myself that I was crazy, too.

Joseph Arnone


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