Above and Beyond

In Above and Beyond, Carey talks about giving birth for the first time and the magic and wonder of the experience.  Drama.

CAREY:  When they first brought my son to me…well, doctors wouldn’t let me see my son after I gave birth to him.  They thought it best I rest but I was not letting up.  I couldn’t rest until I saw my son.  So after an hour of deliberation, they brought my child out to me.  He was crying up a storm but once he was placed in my arms, he looked up at me with these big beautiful eyes and he went to sleep.  It’s like he knew I was his mother.  It was the most magical thing I ever felt in my life because it was the first time I had confirmation that I was a mom.

Being a mother is the most enlightening, scary, important part of life I ever experienced.  Now, I experience it everyday.  The caring and the worrying never go away.  It’s like, once you have children, your life becomes about your kids.  You still have a life but the life you gave birth to is just what matters to you, above and beyond your own life.  You would die for your kids without question.  You only want the best for them and you dedicate your life to making sure they are best equipped to living and surviving in our world.

I wouldn’t give up being a mother for anything in my life.

Joseph Arnone


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