Act The Innocent

In this female drama monologue, JESSICA speaks openly and honestly about a hidden issue she kept silent for far too long.

Jessica: It’s okay…I’ll remember what you did to me, when all the dust is cleared away, when all the stench and filth is gone…I’ll remember how you treated me, the abuse you gave me.  (beat)  Don’t you DARE try to act the innocent with me!  You damn well know, as sure as there is a brain between your ears, you damn well know!!

All the little nit picking and whispers and all your little evil streaks…YEAH, I won’t forget any of it.  You consider what you have done for me help?  Sure, to a certain extent it would be improper for me to disagree with that but you acted like it was justification for you to mistreat me…like you had permission to treat me a certain way because of your so called help.  That’s giving someone a helping hand, while socking them hard in the face when they try getting up.  It’s trickery!  It’s twisted!  And it’s WRONG!  And what you have done to me during that time, will come back to you.

Joseph Arnone