Acting Auditions: Monologues & Scripts for Movies, TV, Stage

Don’t get left in the actor’s dead pool.  Grease up with MB’s new monologues & scenes for theatre, film, TV auditions in NYC, California, Florida, Chicago and more.


  1. Weight of Laugherthis is an interesting look into the psychological doubt a ‘voice-over’ artist places within himself while being interviewed on a popular radio talk show.
  2. Real Again – two teenagers are in love and wish to get out of their small town with their modest savings and limited knowledge of survival.
  3. Basket Case – this is a comedy that features a single mom’s relationship with her rebellious daughter.
  4. True Blood Tieswhen a daughter visits her incarcerated father and family issues rise to the surface.
  5. Imaginary, YOUthis is a scene between two brothers who are coping with the death of their father in completely different ways.
  6. Match Made In Heaventhis is an interesting piece because it explores the difficulty a man has being vulnerable with the woman he truly loves.
  7. Yellow Dressa terrorist bomb has gone off in an airport and two people have bonded within the immediacy of the aftermath moments later.
  8. The Hirean intense piece about a man who got his mistress pregnant and is being held for ransom. He talks in confidence to his most trusted coworker when things suddenly become terribly wrong.
  9. Less Soap, More Blooda funny look at the life of an actress who makes her living by performing in soap commercials.
  10. Gamea struggle between two close friends who are slowly beginning to grow apart.
  11. My Chiannanot the best place to be when Francesco is caught up in a latin gangsters love interest.
  12. Devil In Man’s Eyea brief scene where a man borrows money from his neighbor.
  13. Enough Is Enougha daughter defends the integrity of her ailing mother with a hospital nurse.
  14. Hurry Up, Playaa brother does what he can to help raise his brother up and guide him to be more sociable.
  15. Pop Artista cousin tries to snap his cousin out from having a pill popping addiction.
  16. Alderona – ALDERONA and KLUDO are brother and sister who have special secret powers that are meant to protect and save people’s lives.  Alderona is doubting her ability to carry out her responsibility and she discusses the issue with her brother.
  17. Chutzpaha troubled teen connects with an old homeless woman who lives on a bench.
  18. Guy Code – a twisted scenario between corporate workers.
  19. The Showa comedic script between a ‘real life’ gangster and his obedient sidekick who helps to create a Youtube channel.
  20. Just Like The Movies – In this DRAMA SCENE, ZOOK and TANG strike up a conversation about starting their own drug spot in their neighborhood.


You may like to get started by checking out some of out Monologues by Topic.

Feel free to also scan through some of our selected comedic/dramatic monologue pieces just below.


  1. Stretch – it happens to the best of us but unfortunately a little ‘slippy slip’ happened to this instructor during her yoga class.
  2. Flycatcher – Bzzzzzzzz.
  3. So Cute! – a teen girl gushes over her hots for a guy at school.
  4. Wing Girl – Janice is in heat and tries to talk to her best friend about without freaking out completely.
  5. Underwhelm – sometimes  life is comically boring.
  6. Pinch – a gruesome comedic monologue not for the faint of heart.
  7. Cider, Baby – a young woman’s unhealthy obsession with apple cider.
  8. Fungus Among Us – nothing like a real slob for a roommate.


  1. There He Is – some people don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘annoying’.
  2. Average Asshole – freaking funny.
  3. Side Effects – this Doctor is the master of all cures…just don’t take what he’s selling.
  4. Picasso Reincarnated – if Picasso had absolutely no talent or skill as a painter, this would have been him.
  5. Chatterboxwarning: you may get a headache reading this monologue.
  6. Pull Ups – too much weed man.
  7. Protein – pick and flick or…
  8. Nutter – maybe not what you think.


  1. Coffee Table – examines a mentally ill patient.
  2. Form of Clarity – a disconnected relationship between a man and woman tries to find solace in this monologue.
  3. Inner Core – a woman discusses her depression issues with her therapist.
  4. Restraint – a piece that explores the strength to hold one’s emotion back in order to communicate more accurately.
  5. Big Prize – a female boss toys with one of her workers by demanding sex.
  6. Baby Whale – a female teen is dealing with being outcast from others at her school.
  7. High and Mighty – this monologues deals with female empowerment in the workforce.
  8. Two Shades Away – this is about the deep desire to fight inside yourself to get back on the road you know you should be on in your life.


  1. Keep Ya Heads Turned – a take back on the western days when a man defends his territory.
  2. Other People’s Needs – sometimes you need to do you first and stop putting everyone else before you.
  3. Up Close and Personal – this piece looks into someone’s dark past in relation to being mentally abused and how they cope with that in their present existence.
  4. You Can Do Better – a brother does his best to talk to his younger sister about the dangers of the man she is currently dating.
  5. Henry and The Wizard – here’s a story of a man who is afraid to rise up to his inner secret ambitions and instead traps himself into being ‘too’ humble to think greater things for himself.
  6. That’s Classy – this monologue revolves around the concept of a mass murderer who take it upon himself to reflect on his killings as poetic and artfully done.
  7. Ferrara – a hood from the streets committed an evil act against an important gangster and is on the run for his life.
  8. Caged Monkeys – this is a monologue about racism and the level of strength it takes to be able to cope with it, when encountered, in a civil minded way, despite one’s pain.

There you have it.  Some new monologues and scenes from the MB Lab.  Tell your friends about us!


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