Actors: Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

I’m going to share 3 content marketing strategies for actors to advance their careers.  You will learn how you can amplify your content marketing strategy and take your work to the masses.

The actor’s mindset is about living in the time you are existing in. You need to be smart enough to leverage the tools you have before you, so that you can do what you love.

When you amplify your content, you amplify your career.  What you produce and create must get amplified.  Take a look at all the movies being made, from indie to mainstream.  Each film has their own content marketing strategy, or at least it should.  The movie gets made and the contents of the movie get amplified, enabling people to find out about it and decide whether or not they want to taste what’s being offered.

Whether you develop your own web series, short film or feature there needs to be a sufficient content marketing strategy in place that will help you get the word out so people can actually experience your project.

Content Strategy Number 1 

Blogging is one of the most profound ways actors can produce content that will grow an audience substantially.  Keep in mind that it’s much more than just getting a blog site and publishing content.  You have to be aware of other elements at play such as headlines, SEO, keywords and so much more.  There are skills you need to get familiar with in order to increase your chances of getting your work seen.  The price of entry is free, it costs you time but is well worth it if it means developing projects you love for audience participation.

Many people think it’s about building a blog and posting up content once in a while and the flood gates of audience heaven will open up to them.  That’s truly not the case.  It takes hard work, time and skill.

When you wrap your head around the fundamentals of blogging 101, you can begin to utilize the strength of how blogging can benefit your creative endeavors.

Content Strategy Number 2

Social Media is what most people in the entertainment industry talk about.  It’s not anything surprising at this point.  What is surprising is the amount of people who still don’t use it.  As an actor, filmmaker, artist, musician, photographer you need to break that way of thinking and get in on the action of social media.

There is so much opportunity for you to share your work with so many people, it’s not even funny, it’s scary in a positive way.

Content Strategy Number 3 

Paid outlets can help you target the audience you wish to reach.  If your blog does not receive a lot of organic traffic, then consider using paid channels to help generate the buzz you need.

  • Social Media Paid Promotion:  You have the choice on Facebook and Twitter to boost your posts.  You set your own price and I recommend starting with a small budget and work your way up depending on your needs and ROI.
  • Content Discovery Platforms:  Companies like Taboola, Outbrain, Gravity are dominant players that can help you scale your content by getting on high trafficked websites.  This goes in accordance with a CPC (cost-per-click) basis.  Your content gets shared at the very bottom of a blog post from another website and based on the algorithm, your content may appear there for people to take an interest in, click on and be brought to your own content.


Those are just a few of the content marketing strategies actors can use to get their work out online. Remember, there’s no point in working hard to develop your project, make your project and then fall flat never marketing your project.  Hopefully, the three content strategies in this article will help you reach your audience and get your work heard.

If you found this article helpful, please share it!  Thank you!  =)

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