How Actors Can Diversify Their Content Strategy

Have you been working on your actor marketing strategy?  Once you get a handle on your actor brand vision, it’s important to create a diverse set of messages based on the platforms you will be using.

Different social media platforms will each need to be respected based on their own nature. Sort of like the medium of television versus the stage versus cinema.  Each have their own amazing yet distinct qualities…so does the internet and mobile devices.

5 Ways Actors Can Diversify Their Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Videos (short form video content to entice your visitors to learn more)
  2. Podcasts (develop an audio blog cast where you share content weekly)
  3. Graphics (enhance your visuals by tapping into free graphic websites)
  4. SlideShares (put together images and text to share a point or message for your project)
  5. Infographics (spice up your posts within infographic content)

Let’s say you’ve created a weekly blog and on this bog you are writing content that shares your story.  Perhaps you are acting in a new play and you are sharing a written series of the process and experiences you are involved in. You may discover that people find what you are sharing interesting and will start to pay attention to your particular story and learn more about the work you do.

Now let us say you want to take it a step further and use video content as part of your series.  Instead of only writing content on your blog, you may now want to share video snippets from your rehearsal or on your way to rehearsal to pull people further into your story that are following you.

Well, your approach is obviously going to be different but with the same intention.  By choosing a different platform, you will bring about new creative ideas you can experiment with and use for your audience.  The more you experiment and learn about a particular platform, the more you will get out of it in terms of what you communicate.

You can do the same with Instagram, Snapchat or go for longer form video content on YouTube or Vimeo. There are loads of opportunities for you to test and try and see if what you are sharing gains traction.

As I’ve mentioned in 7 Content Marketing Tips for Actors, there are quite a few ways for you to produce, create and connect with a world wide audience of people.

You don’t need to be a one trick pony.  In order to keep up with the changing tide of the entertainment industry, it is essential to have a grip on new ways of creative expression.


Consider weighing in on your plan to diversify your content messaging strategy so you can take full advantage of each platform you wish to connect yourself on.

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